How To Address Top Ten

Event Planning Challenges…

This is your quick reference guide to dealing with some planning challenges that have arisen over the last few months as we begin planning events again. Hope these tips will provide guidance, understanding of your responsibilities and the confidence to get back out into the marketplace.

What These Event Planning Tips Will

Teach You

1. What you need your client to know…

We will share best practices regarding

communication with your client before and

during event to ensure there are clear lines of. communication and responsibilities

2. What you need your vendors to know...

During this time, it is imperative that vendors are briefed specifically around the do’s and don’t, your expectations, your clients’ expectations and all the safety measures they are to provide.

3. What you need to know…

As event planners, it is essential that we are in control of every aspect of the event. We will share the how to’s and ideas around event planning to ensure, you, your client and all attendees are feeling safe and comfortable.

The 5 L’s of Event Planning


Let’s face it – we live in a visually stimulated world. We’re driven and affected by what we see which further affects our mood. An event can be themed to reflect what you imagine giving you license to create and even have some fun! However, the key is all in the attention to the small things. There is a reason the cliché “it’s in the details” exists. The amazing visual impact you and your team spent time creating can be ruined if little bits are missed.


It is in the spirit of excellence, in pre-planning and on-site direction, in the last minute checks, and in that last piece of tape applied to make sure a cable is secured. Critical paths and run sheets are evidence of a minutia of detail. Nothing is left to chance.

But to keep all vendors, event staff, talent, and the client fully informed and right up to any last minute changes requires a person to lead proactively. Understand and clearly describe how the information is going to flow between all leads onsite.


I recall what I call the year of the goose. Yes, trouble-shooting wildlife interaction was necessary at Fort Edmonton Park to keep a big tent event on track! Crisis management at its finest. Let’s talk about the goose. Canada Geese have a permanent right of territory. They also cause havoc when they hit power lines in the middle of Fort Edmonton Park. So power down – park closed to the public – no staff on site to mitigate and a BOS event the day it reopens.


The “L” for liability – while not often spoken of - is the spare tire you want to have in case of a flat. While every measure is undertaken to make sure all goes to plan, you always need to carry insurance you can dig out of the trunk if necessary. It’s the one thing a professional event planner should never be without.


After 27 years, it resounds in our BOS hash-tag #weLOVEourjobs. We still delight in the smallest of details, fully aware that these are the foundation of success. It is all about the passion - the energy, the thrill, the satisfaction events people get from putting an event together from concept to completion only, in the end, works if you love what you’re doing. It’s stressful!

(Forbes puts events management as the 5th most stressful job!) and whilst there are self care things to do, to survive and do the best that you can do in producing an event, you must love it. If you don’t, you’ll burn out and you’ll not do well.


“BOS events continues to prepare our 100 year Chateau on the River, Fairmont Hotel Macdonald for the festive season. The team has taken great care to ensure our hotel is tastefully decorated with charm, luxury and great attention to detail to capture magic of the season. Being a high profile heritage property this is not an easy task to match the history to expectations of the community and our team. 

Not only is the hotel a classic setting for the festive season, her team as well engage in personal conversation while decorating to ensure every aspect of our guests experience is taken care of. The precision of the execution from start to finish is commendable and speaks to the creativity and integrity of the leader.”

Garrett Turta - General Manager

Fairmont Hotel Macdonald

“From the planning stages through to the execution, Borysa has been. attentive, diligent and most accommodating of even the smallest and your team animated a weekend that

has been nothing short of magical!​

I would not hesitate for a second to recommend BOS events to anyone who needs event services. We look forward to working with you again!”

Scott Parker, Regional Marketing Manager

Moet Hennessey Portfolio

“Borysa’s skills in layout, decorating, venue and menu selection have turned our events from “nice” into “exceptional”. I would strongly recommend her services to anyone wanting a professional and experienced approach to their event.”

G. King, Edmonton Kenworth President

So you’ve read the top ten tips but still don’t feel confident being able to execute an event during Covid 19?

BOS events have developed a reputation within the industry whereby suppliers and stakeholder have become regular clients when flexibility, agility and the capacity to trouble-shoot, solve problems and deliver exceptional events is required, on short notice. Also known as Christmas stylist experts, the BOS Team decks the halls at some of Edmonton’s pre-eminent properties such as the Edmonton Westin, JW Marriott, River Cree Resort and Casino, Delta Edmonton Properties, Fort Edmonton Park and the historic Fairmont Hotel MacDonald.

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